Your Acts depends on Your Intentions

The Proposal Team

04 Nov, 2023

Not too long ago, it was thought that online matchmaking did not work. Some still think matchmaking apps are geared more toward hookups and short-term relationships than searching for a suitable spouse for marriage.

But gone are the days when online matchmaking was met with stigma. It has now become the norm to find spouses online. Stories from couples who met online are becoming increasingly common.

What changed?

The answer is quite simple. The world is becoming increasingly connected socially. In addition, we are no longer reluctant to make our intentions for finding a committed relationship well-known. At the end of the day, the success of finding a great spouse all comes down to intentions.

In Hadith, it says, that "your acts depend on your intention".  So, what is your intention? Is it to make friends? Is it just to time passes? Or do you genuinely want to get married? Ask yourself.

Here is our expert advice for the above questions:

If it is to make friends--well, you can do so at a coffee shop or pretty much anywhere. You do not have to be on matchmaking apps or on social media apps to make friends. There are awesome places to make friends in every city.

If it is to time pass? This is likely what you hear of most often from peers who use matchmaking apps. But when you factor in how hard it is to find a decent match these days and consider things that matter to you like the age you hope to settle down, at one point, you may find yourself asking how long can you keep swiping right just for "time pass". Let’s face it, it's exhausting trying to meet someone new and introduce yourself over and over again as time passes without feeling like a robot at some point.

Like the adage says, "Time is flying", so why not make it worthwhile? Keep your intentions pure and be honest with yourself when looking for a spouse, "what are the qualities that are most important to me in a significant other?" Be introspective and consider "What are qualities in me that may benefit my spouse? How can I improve as a Muslim?"

We all know someone who has a timeline on when they want to get married, have kids, or a dream career, etc. But remember at the end of the day, "Allah is the best of planners" (Surah Al-Anfal 8:30). If you want to get married for the right reasons, keep good intentions and seek marriage as a means to please Allah and complete half your Deen.

Utilize Muslim Matchmaking apps like Proposal to help you find the one whom Allah wrote your name next to when He created this Duniya.

Last, but not least after you have done all that, "to your Lord alone, turn all your hopes & intentions" (Surah Al-Inshirah 94:8). Next time when you sign up on Proposal, or any other Muslim matching app, consider your intention first and find the ONE.

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