Top 3 Alternatives for Salams and Muzz

The Proposal Team

09 Mar, 2023

Are you single and ready to mingle in 2023? It's time to find that one in a million before another year passes. Have you swiped through all the Muslim dating apps and come up empty-handed?  Sure, we all have heard success stories from friends who've found their perfect match on apps like Muzz and Salams, but let's face it, there are also plenty of nightmares out there.

Have you considered other Muslim dating and marriage apps? If you haven't checked yet, don't miss out on the action. We picked the best three alternatives that may help you find the perfect Muslim match in 2023. Introducing AlKhattaba, Proposal, and Inshallah: the top-notch dating and marriage apps that are shaking up the game. These groundbreaking apps take the guesswork out of finding true love. Also, their success rate is similar to Salams and Muzz. With several success stories on these apps, you won't be disappointed.

1.  Inshallah

First on our list is Inshallah. This app has plenty of users, mainly from Europe and France. The app claims to have around 4 million active European users, combining desi and Arab communities. With such a vast pool of potential partners, you will find your perfect match Inshallah.

As Muslims, our top concern is safety and privacy while using these apps. And these days, due to competition, almost every Muslim dating and marriage app considers user safety and privacy as a priority. Inshallah does the same. The app is restricted to users above 18 years of age and older. Sign-up works in a similar fashion as Salams and Muzz. One can sign up with an email address or with their social credentials.

The app asks a series of questions such as where you are located (country, city), age, sect, whether you are a Sunni Muslim or Shia Muslim, as well as a bit about yourself in the form of a bio; however, it is optional if you want to skip; you can do so.

In addition, you can add a series of your favorite private images and blur those images. Suppose you are uncomfortable showing your picture to anyone on the app; you can enable the blur photo option to show only when you are comfortable.

The app works similarly to the majority of dating and marriage apps. If you want to like the profile, swipe right, and to pass, swipe left. The app is free to use. In addition, Inshallah offers premium features if you want to take advantage of the app and utilize it in every way possible.

With their free version, you'll be shown people whose profiles match yours. And if you find them compatible, swipe up right and like their profile. If they also like your profile, then you become a match. Here's a secret, if you avail of their premium features, you can unblur the blur photos, get a 10x boost in your profile visibility, and see who likes your profile and whether the other person has read your message. Quite interesting. Isn't it? You can easily download this app from the App Store and Play Store.

But how will you determine if this app is right for you? Your best bet is to check the app's rating and reviews on the App Store if you are an iPhone user and Play Store for Android users. As of the current date, the App Store rating is 4.5, with 449 reviews.

2.  Proposal-Muslim Marriage And Arab Dating App

Single as a Pringle? It's time to get matched with the ONE on the cutting-edge marriage app. Proposal Muslim marriage app came into the market in late 2018 and early 2019, rising slowly but surely with taglines “Where single Muslims connect,” “Be your own Rishta Aunty,” and their recent slogan, “Your Muslim partner awaits.”

Are you considering marrying someone out of your culture and community? This free and Halal platform have a balance of Muslim users from the Arab and the Desi community. With just one tap, you can find the love of your life among thousands of active users from the US, Canada, and the UK.

The Proposal app is a lot different than traditional dating apps. The app offers a concept similar to the Bumble dating app with its twist. The idea isn't new; however, it is unique in the Muslim community and is appreciated by many Muslim users. Muslim marriage and dating apps haven't been creative enough to create something exciting or different. They all have followed the footstep of a similar concept of swiping right or left. However, the Proposal app has taken a step further by integrating the Bumble concept into the App.

Unlike the Bumble dating app, where women make the first move within 24 hours, and after 24 hours, the match disappears, on the Proposal Muslim marriage app and arab dating app, anyone can make a move for free. After 48 hours, the match, likes, and messages will be expired. They will still be available so that a user can rematch with them. On a free plan, users can rematch with one user only. However, unlimited rematches are allowed for premium users.

The app is free; you get only 30 profiles to view and then 12 hours break. After 12 hours, profiles refresh, and you can tap the profiles matching your interest.

The app works in a way where you tap on the heart to like and tap on the cross to pass a profile. However, the real game begins after your tap. The person you tap on the profile gets notified that you showed interest, and they have 48 hours to like you back or pass. If someone likes you back, you both will be matched and have 48 hours to start the conversation. The app consistently moves users from one step to another.

In addition, this app has done something even more interesting by matching people based on personality type questions. The app asks questions and then shows users who are the most compatible with you.

The free version is good to try, and it will provide you with 30 free swipes, but if you want to add some sparkle to your profile, try the premium features. With the premium version, you enjoy unlimited advanced features like a boost in account visibility, with which you get more chances to make a move, unlimited swipes, and more.

You can also avail of the Rematch option and five instant proposals per month, which is not available in the free version and is worth considering. The app claims a 40% success rate from live events on its website.  On App Store and Play Store, the app has ratings above 4.0. The Proposal app has built a strong reputation with hundreds of success stories and app reviews to back them up.

3. AlKhattaba

"Are you searching for your soulmate in the desert of love?" If you are, you must know about AlKhattaba. It is one of the famous Arabian Muslim marriage apps that promotes love and helps you find your ideal partner. It is named after an Arabian lady by the name of AlKhattaba. She helped Arabians find true love in the older days when they asked her for advice on finding their ideal partner. In light of that point, this app was created ten years ago.

However, this app specifically supports Arab communities and has over 5 million active users.

If you are an Arabian and looking for your love of life, AlKhattaba is a perfect choice. AlKhattaba has been a famous option among Saudis as it has helped hundreds of single Muslims into happy and solid marriages. Additionally, this app provides high-end security and safety for users. When you sign up for the first time, you have to answer a few basic mandatory questions, and once you are done, the matching process begins. Moreover, in case of any complaint, you can contact chat support. For your safety, they respond within 24 hours and take strict action against other users.

You can test the app in the free version and enjoy a limited chat, but if you want to leverage the extra feature, the premium version is the way to go. They offer a VIP plan with unlimited conversations and swipes. The good news is that if you are a new user, you can also avail yourself of free VIP features for a limited time, and if you enjoy it, you can buy the subscription.

Regarding AlKhattaba's success stories, it is one of the most dedicated apps, with over 115K user reviews on Play Store. Way more than Muzz and Salams. Currently, Muzz reviews are only 75K in Canada on the Play Store, and Salams has only 18K reviews in Canada on the Play Store. The stunning online reviews and customer credibility set it apart from other Muslim and marriage dating apps.

Don't get yourself stuck in the bind. There are countless options available for you. Look at all of them and choose the best that will benefit you in finding your partner within Islamic guidelines. The rewards of your efforts will come to you in the form of your dream spouse, inshallah.

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