Top 3 South Asian Dating and Marriage Apps

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09 Mar, 2023

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Even though technology has advanced, South Asian elders still cling to traditional marriage routes. While the young generation embraces Western culture, it's difficult for millennials to reconcile the old customs and traditions with the new way of life. We understand that love knows no boundaries. But is it possible to enjoy the harmony between tradition and modernity? Yes. Thanks to technology, today we can connect with the love of our life and make our parents part of our relationship.

If you're from the South Asian community and looking for love, you're in luck! South Asian dating and marriage apps are the solutions. But with so many dating and marriage apps available, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. That's why we've taken the time to handpick the top three apps that cater to your community's specific needs.

Introducing Dil Mil, Mirchi, and Proposal – popular and trusted apps for South Asians seeking love. Whether you're searching for your soulmate, a casual fling, or someone to share your cultural heritage with, these apps have covered you. We've also included a list of pros and cons for each app, so you can make an unbiased decision and find the perfect match.

1.  Dil Mil

For the South Asian community, popular dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge fail to meet their cultural and values-based needs. Dil Mil is the App that fills this gap. It’s a dating and marriage app with the tagline “Find a meaningful connection in your community.”

Dil Mil launched in 2014 and quickly became popular with South Asians, with over 2 million active users on the App Store and 20 million matchmakings - supporting Gujarati, Sindhi, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayali, Tamil, Maharashtrian, Rajasthani, and Kannada communities. Dil Mil also has millions of subscribers from the UK, AU, US, CA and India.

The app's unique approach not only promotes dating but also offers options for casual relationships and long-term commitments, catering to the diverse needs of its users. The search for love can be daunting; therefore, the signup process for Dil Mil is designed to make it easy and stress-free. All you need is your phone number and a few minutes to complete a simple questionnaire.

Dil Mil offers both a free and a premium version. In the free version, users can check ten profiles per day. After 24 hours, the app will refresh, and you'll have a new set of profiles to explore. However, the VIP Elite features are the perfect solution for those who want to take their search to the next level. With this upgrade, you'll have unlimited likes, the ability to change your location, reset dislikes, and a monthly profile boost.

Here are some pros and cons to help you make a choice.


  • The app has a simple, sleek, and user-friendly interface.

  • It is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

  • It asks whether you want to date or be in a causal or long-term relationship.

  • A perfect match for South Asians seeking individuals who share values and traditions.


  • There are unlimited fake accounts on the platform.

  • Free subscriptions have limited functionality.

  • It promotes dating and casual relationships, and Muslims may not find it appealing.

2.  Mirchi

Mirchi is the ultimate solution for those looking for a long-term relationship and an online network of friends in South Asia.  Mirchi isn't just about finding love. It's also about building friendships and expanding your social circle. With Mirchi, you can easily express interest by liking profiles, texting or commenting on photos, and sending a video snap.  It also helps you to connect with potential matches more engagingly and dynamically. Based on the app's 4.0 rating, it's clear that users like it.

For the best solution, consider the pros and cons listed below.


  • It is an effective way to find online friends, dates, and long-term relationships.

  • It provides a video snap option.


  • The interface is not user-friendly and takes forever to load.

  • Few serious people on the platform commit to a long-term relationship.

  • Not suitable for the Muslim community.

3. Proposal Muslim Marriage And Arab Dating App

The Proposal marriage app is the right choice if you're single in North America, the UK, or CA and looking for true love. It connects Muslims from different regions and sects. With the tagline "Be Your Own Rishta Aunty,” the Proposal matchmaking app is designed specifically for the Muslim community and follows Islamic practices. It aims to reduce the concept of Haram dating and pushes the end-users toward the beautiful journey of marriage.

The Proposal app is more than just a matchmaking app. It is a platform that allows you to involve your parents in finding your potential spouse. It aligns with Islamic values that encourage involving parents in big decisions. With the Proposal app, you can find a partner who shares your values and community in a safe, Halal, and fun way.

The Proposal app is user-friendly and has a 4.3 rating on Play Store. The sign-up process is simple, like other dating apps, and takes a few minutes. The real fun begins after the login. However, it differs from other apps because it gives you 48 hours to become a match. 

Considering the pros and cons of the app can help you determine whether it suits your needs and is perfect for you.


  • Finding a dream partner is easier with a large database of Muslim members.

  • Smart algorithms connect you with your perfect match and save you time.

  • An appealing website and app design. Navigation is simple and mobile-friendly.

  • It has an innovative safety feature.

  • There are no fake profiles on the platform.


  • The premium feature doesn’t have a video chat option.

  • The app does not support friendships or casual relationships.


Finding a perfect app for you can be daunting, but it all depends on your priorities. Whether you are looking for a casual friendship or are serious about finding a long-term partner, choose the app that matches your needs, whether it is Proposal, Mirchi, or Dil Mil.

For the Muslim community, finding a dating site that aligns with their Islamic values and meets their needs for a Halal, safe and Nikah-oriented platform is especially important. With this in mind, weigh your options and consider which app best fits your goals.

Matchmaking apps abound; you just need to pick the right one. Take action today and begin your journey towards finding love and companionship that shares your beliefs and values.

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