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The Proposal Team

31 May, 2024

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We hosted our first BIGGEST Muslim Singles event in San Francisco on December 9, 2023

When it comes to live Muslim singles events, the Proposal Muslim Dating and Marriage app makes it more natural and fun. All Muslim singles loved Proposal IRL (in real life) in the Bay Area.

We created and provided a safe, relaxed, and friendly environment that is culturally accepted and adheres to Islamic principles for everyone who attended.

Unlike other events run by some locals in an open space, our San Francisco Muslim Matrimonial Event is the best way to connect and meet with Bay Area Muslim singles in a fun and natural way. No pressure, no matchmaker, or Rishta Aunty. Just conversation and possible proposals.

In addition, our San Francisco Halal speed dating is much better than meeting strangers in the park organized by some bachelors who are looking for a proposal for themselves.

We are excited to announce that we are bringing our Muslim Singles event back to the Bay Area this year, learn more about events on our event page, Click Here!

We thank you and appreciate your love and support. And to those who didn't make it to our event, we are excited to announce our season 2 Proposal Irl event in San Francisco, US. Be sure to download our app Proposal Muslim Dating and Marriage and follow us on social media.

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