Single Muslim Meetup Event in Toronto

You asked and we have created it for you. Experience Proposal Muslim matchmaking app for Muslim singles. Proposal App is here to get you off the dating apps and connect you with other like-minded Muslim singles in real life-“Proposal (IRL)&rdqu...

By The Proposal Team

26 Jul, 2023

Six Verses From The Quran to Overcome Your Anxiety

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, anxiety is an increasingly prevalent concern for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. We are constantly bombarded with work-related stress, social pressure, and personal circumstances that impact o...

By The Proposal Team

14 Jul, 2023

10 Romantic Sunnah's in Islam

Love, tenderness, and affection are universal human experiences. While often misunderstood or overlooked, the Islamic perspective on romance provides a framework for nurturing love and emotional connection within the boundaries defined by faith. The ...

By The Proposal Team

11 Jul, 2023

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